About Us

We work worldwide and ship from different locations. We are international business for various goods.

Is not steaming now already the future. Among other things, we want to create e-cigarettes, not just the products but a lifestyle. Many of our contributors are former smokers who have moved to e-cigarettes. We are more than convinced of our products and would like to share these experiences with you. Every ex-smoker who has gone around - can confirm that massive improvements are made in the areas of: taste, smell and quality of life.

However, as you can easily see, there will be many other products in our shop.

Our daily incentive is the cheerful faces of our customers.

All offered items are usually checked by us and we only take items in our assortment, which we think are good. Therefore, our range may differ from other suppliers, but we do not see any sense in having products in the assortment that we do not want ourselves to have.

The response to our shop is incredibly good and it became clear within a short time that one meets the requirements of the customers.

Our liquids, bases and flavors are produced and processed to the highest standard and consist of pure natural products.

TDSP INC Azuero Business Center, Suite 665 Avenida Perez Chitre Panama 00395 Republica de Panama - Web: https://shop.t-d-s-p.com/  International shop for various goods. We operate worldwide and ship out Different locations.